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Pandemic: Facing AIDS | Friday Documentary

American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1 — Malá Strana, 1st floor
Fee: Free

About the Event

Friday documentary screening on the occasion of World Aids Day celebrated on December 1 around the world.

This ambitious, multipart cable documentary series detailed five different stories, from five different parts of the world, of how individuals dealt with HIV. Episodes included “Thailand,” set in a Buddhist monastery that had been converted into an AIDS hospice; “Uganda,” in which music therapy was used to comfort AIDS orphans; “Russia,” wherein a drug-using couple tried to regain custody of their son; “Brazil,” documenting that country’s free AIDS drug-therapy program; and “India,” in which an infected couple worry about transmitting the HIV virus to the wife’s unborn child. The guiding force behind the series was Rory Kennedy, youngest daughter of the late senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Screening in English.

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