Czech Ukulele Festival 2015

Únětice u Prahy, Karlštejn

About the Event

The biggest and most adventurous Ukulele festival on mainland Europe and the only one in Central and Eastern Europe.

Situated a stone’s throw from Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the festival is centered in the historical village of Únětice, a popular destination due to its scenic walks around the forests, lakes and scenic view points on the rocky outcops overlooking the valley, and also the rich cultural heritage of the local community that fully supports musical and theatrical ventures.

The main concert venue is in the renovated brewery that has a brewing history dating back to 1715 and currently brews prize winning beers. This year, the festival has joined hands with the medieval castle of Karlštejn, the historical home of the Czech royal jewels.

Due to the great artistic success of the first two festivals and the wonderful atmosphere that the performers, audience and the local community created, we have managed to attract a fantastic program of performers for the 2015 event. There are familiar faces, but the presence of Manitoba Hal from Canada, Aldrine Guerrero from Hawaii and the wonderful new faces of the ukulele world Honoka and Azita also from Hawaii mean that the festival has a world wide standing and level of quality.

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