Aerial Drama Over the Ore Mountains | Discussion and Screening

American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1
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About the Event

The discussion will be accompanied by a screening of documentaries about the events of September 11, 1944 and March 5-6, 1945. Publicists Jan Zdiarský, Čestmír Zbuzek a Martin Velek will join the discussion. In Czech. On September 11, 1944, high above the Ore Mountains, on the Czech-German frontier, a formation of B-17G Flying Fortresses of the 100th Bomb Group, 3rd Bomb Division (“The Bloody Hundredth”), escorted by P-51 Mustang fighters of the 55th and 339th Fighter Group 8th USAAF clashed with a formation of German Me109 and FW190 intercept fighters of the II.(Sturm) and III. Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 4. More then 50 airplanes were shot down during the battle. Due to furiousness of the combat, most of the shot down aircraft fell in a very small region of the Czech and German Ore Mountains. This sunny September day entered the history as a Black Monday over the Ore Mountains. More on the website of the Museum of Air Battle Over the Ore Mountains >>

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