Storybridge | Conference

When: 2012-04-14 08:00 - 2012-04-14 14:00
Where: American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1 – Malá Strana
Entry fee: for registered participants (please click on Sign Up above the picture)

This one-day conference will focus on how telling stories with kids can help facilitate language development and provide a bridge between cultures.

The conference will present projects that were piloted in schools and libraries by English teachers and parents as part of a one-year initiative called Storybridge.

Fulbright Lecturer Jennifer Ventimiglia (USA) will also give a keynote presentation on teaching children to love literature. The Storybridge project has been organized in cooperation with the Prague Municipal Library, Masaryk University, the US Embassy and the Class Acts organization of bilingual families.

The name “Storybridge” comes from the power of stories to serve as a bridge between cultures and people.  The project aims to:
–    Use storytelling as a means of improving English teaching and learning. 
–    Introduce new ideas into the Czech classroom, particularly on diversity and multiculturalism
–    Introduce volunteers to Czech schools and libraries by training parents who are fluent in English to run storytelling at schools and libraries

In the spring of 2011, Class Acts o.s. collected over 1200 English language children’s books for the Municipal Library on Korunni.  This project aims to help teachers and parents take advantage of this new resource.

About the partners on the project
Class Acts, o.s. is a a multicultural, family-based community organization in Prague offering English-language activities and events for children. Class Acts uses English as the medium for creative arts in music, drama , dance and visual arts.  In 2010 Class Acts was one of only 7 organizations in the Czech Republic to be awarded the European LABEL Prize for creativity in language teaching.
Municipal Library of Prague (Korunní Branch):  The Korunní Branch of the Municipal Library of Prague is an active community library offering excellent links to neighborhood schools, ongoing events for children, and a modest collection of children’s books in English.
Masaryk University (Pedagogical Faculty, Department of English): The Department of English trains more English teachers than any other post-secondary educational institution in the Czech Republic and has a strong faculty with experience in learning through drama and other innovative approaches.
US Embassy Prague has selected this project as part of its Small Grants program. The funds will cover costs of instructors and curriculum developement.