Film Screenings

JFK | Film Club

When: 2013-11-26 17:00 - 2013-11-26 20:10
Where: American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1
Entry fee: Free

Political thriller film (1991) directed by Oliver Stone. It examines the events leading to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and alleged subsequent cover-up through the eyes of former New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner).

JFK, Oliver Stone’s powerful film about the shots heard round the world and the mystery that still surrounds them, is one of the most provocative movies of our time. In addition to its box office success, critical acclaim and awards, it played a major role in the national debate that led to the passage of the 1992 Assassination Materials Disclosure Act.

In English, with English subtitles, 190 minutes.