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Volby v Indii: Co znamenají pro svět | Diskuse

Americké centrum, Tržiště 13, Praha 1
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With an electoral population of over 800 million people, at a cost of close to $ 5billion, spread over 5 weeks in April and May, the results of the world’s largest political spectacle have been awaited with bated breath by billions all over the world. Questions abound as to what the significance of these results will be for Indiaand the world.

The ruling Congress party is widely tipped to lose, with the opposition BJP expected to take the lead in the formation of a ruling coalition with its contentious candidate for Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, at the helm. On the domestic front this raises a number of questions about what this will mean for India’s economy, which has been in the doldrums the past few years. And equally importantly, what will this mean for India’s social fabric? On the international agenda, how will this impact India’s relations with world, particularly the US, China, and Pakistan, as well as the situation in Afghanistan?

To discuss these and various other questions (and see if the predictionscame true), you are cordially invited to a discussion on the elections in India with Hrishabh Sandilya.

Hrishabh Sandilya is Vice President for External Relations and Development at Anglo-American University. He is currently finishing his doctoral dissertation on India’s geopolitical interests in Central Asia and is a lecturer on South Asian Politics and Asian Geopolitics at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, and at Anglo-American University.

This event is brought to you in cooperation with Politologický Klub FSV UK, Geopolitical Studies IPS FSV UK and Anglo-American University. RSVP to to confirm your attendancce, or via Facebook.


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