Film Screenings

Serpico | Film Club

When: 2016-02-02 17:00 - 2016-02-02 19:10
Where: Americké centrum, Tržiště 13, Praha 1
Entry fee: Free

Serpico was based on the true story of a New York policeman who discovers that honesty is not expected to be part of his job. He endures scorn and mistreatment from his fellow cops while attempting to perform his job with integrity. The character of Serpico, combining the best elements of the Establishment and counter-culture, is a tour-de-force for Al Pacino.

The film is a breathtaking suspense story and a fascinating character study as well as a memorable statement about government’s inherent flaws.

Part of American Center’s Anti-Corruption Film Festival.

In English, with English subtitles, 130 mins.