Philip Roth: 80 | Literary Evening

When: 2013-04-16 15:30 - 2013-04-16 17:00
Where: American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1
Entry fee: Free (please register by clicking on Sign Up above the picture)

The translator of Roth’s novel, Jiří Hanuš, and Antonín Kočí of the Mladá fronta publishing house will discuss Philip Roth, his novels, and Czech translations.

The program will be moderated by Richard Olehla of Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy and accompanied by performance of the Literary Academy students.

The discussion will be followed by a film screening of the film: Human Stain.

Discussion will be in Czech, screening in English with Czech subtitles.

One of America’s greatest writers has had a close literary relationship with many Czech blacklisted writers in 1970s when he regularly visited Prague. On his first trip to Prague in 1972 he came to research Franz Kafka, but Czechoslovak society soon captured Philip Roth’s imagination. He wrote a novel about his experiences with communist Czechoslovakia: The Prague Orgy (1985) in which he links the sense of alienation expressed in Kafka’s fiction with life under communism in 1976.