Film Screenings

Kennedy Assasination: 24 Hours After | Documentary

When: 2013-11-12 17:00 - 2013-11-12 18:40
Where: American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1
Entry fee: Free

Document focuses on the critical moments and hours following JFK’s tragic assassination. Although perhaps one of the most important passages of time in American history, the true story has rarely and only partially been told. For the first time, using never-before-seen transcripts only recently made public, this film pieces together the 24-hour period after the shots were fired.

Told from the point-of-view of Vice President Lyndon Johnson, this hard-hitting programme takes a detailed look at the unusual incidents surrounding his crucial wearing-in. The timeline reveals startling new information about the death of the president and the sensational transfer of power to his successor, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.

In English, 98 minutes.