Film Screenings

Gravity | Film Club

When: 2017-10-17 16:00 - 2017-10-17 18:00
Where: Planetárium Praha, Královská obora 233 170 21 Praha 7
Entry fee: Please, make a reservation through the Planetarium’s website:

Gravity is a 2013 science fiction adventure film directed, co-written, co-edited and co-produced by Alfonso Cuarón. It stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts who are stranded in space after the mid-orbit destruction of their space shuttle, and their subsequent attempt to return to Earth. Gravity was met with critical acclaim, and has been regarded as one of the best films of the 2010s.

At the 86th Academy Awards, Gravity received ten Academy Award nominations and won seven, including, Best Director (for Cuarón), Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Original Score. In English, 91 minutes, with Czech subtitles.

Please, note that the screening is organized at Planetarium Prague. Please, make a reservation through the Planetarium’s website: