Entreprelooza 2.0 | Conference

When: 2016-11-15 08:00 - 2016-11-15 18:00
Where: Americké centrum, Tržiště 13, Praha 1 – Malá Strana
Entry fee: Free (please, sign up by clicking at signup above the picture)

THE PROGRAM will include the following:

9 a.m. Opening

9:15 a.m. Role of Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators in Academia
In this panel, we will discuss the role of female entrepreneurs and innovators in fostering new academic-industrial-governmental partnerships in and among the United States and Czech Republic. Cultural barriers and inequality in promoting, establishing and expanding diversity in society will be discussed. Different models of how women can overcome barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation in academic world will be presented and analyzed. You will have an opportunity to hear, learn and meet women leaders from both countries. In English.

12 p.m. Immigrant Entrepreneurs — Bringing Innovation, and Jobs
This panel will bring together immigrants to the Czech Republic to discuss how they started their businesses here and worked to create successful and employment opportunities. In Czech.

1:30 p.m. Social Entrepreneurship Successes in the Czech Republic
Hear representatives from leading Czech social entrepreneurship firms discuss their enterprises. Will include representatives from Bajkazyl, Pasparta and ReKola. In Czech

2:45 p.m. Using Big Data to Map Urban Spaces — U.S. Speaker Constantine Valhouli
U.S. Entrepreneur Constantine Valhouli, the founder of NeighbrohoodX and a Principal at the Hammersmith Group, will discuss how the science of big data analysis has led to a surge of new business products and services. He will discuss his background, business plans, financing and his current work using big data to provide valuable insights on real estate markets worldwide. In English.

4 p.m. Bringing Your Business to Fruition — Experts from the Czech Legal, Finance and Human Resources Weigh In
Representatives from Czech business incubator GistInUp, legal firm Novalia and innovation services firm Creative Dock discuss the legal, financial and team-building aspects of starting a business in the Czech Republic. In Czech.

5 p.m.: Czech Start-ups and their U.S. Experience — By CzechInvest
Leading Czech firms will discuss their experiences starting a branch in the United States. The panel will include
Lenka Kučerová (Wayra, StarLift), Tomáš Studeník (FUN Prague and Confidence Digital), Vít Šubert (UP21), Lubo Smid (co-founder STRV) and Matouš Tlapák, Lifeliqe & Corinth. The discussion will be moderated by Jiří Vicherek. The panel will be introduced by Ms. Daniela Havlíková of Aspen Institute Prague and will be moderated by Jiří Vicherek. In Czech.

6:30 p.m. Start-Up
Networking Event with Ambassador Schapiro Join us at the end of the day to hear remarks by U.S. Ambassador Andrew Schapiro and meet others who are working to start their own businesses.

3D Printing Demonstration Watch MCAE System‘s 3D-printer throughout the day as it creates three-dimensional objects before your eyes!