Film Screenings
24.04.2021 - 23:59

Celebrate Earth Day with film Inventing Tomorrow

When: April 16, 9:00 - April 24, 23:59
Where: Eventive
Entry fee: Free

Documentary film Inventing Tomorrow, offered to celebrate Earth Day, shows five high school students from different countries who came up with their own projects to improve the environment in the place where they live.  The five then meet at a worldwide competition of similar projects at Intel ISEF conference in Los Angeles.  See the trailer here

The film can also inspire students in the Czech Republic, as high school student Marek Novák won in this competition the second place in 2014 and the first place in 2015!  Today he is the head of a company engaged in the development of equipment for use in healthcare.

The documentary is complemented by a recording of the participants’ conversation devoted to their stories and goals.  Too often, the work and impact of local innovators goes unnoticed simply because no one is there to tell the story.  The accompanying conversation will focus on the need for storytellers to collaborate with local innovators to capture how their work addresses environmental threats to their communities.


In English, with English subtitles. RSVP at for Eventive link, which enables you to watch the film and the additional interview at any time between 16.4.2021, 9:00 and 24.4.2021, 23:59.