Exhibitions at the American Center

Beyond Our Horizon

When: through November 30
Where: American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1
Entry fee: Free

Beyond Our Horizon is an exclusive exhibition of “Visual Narrative” photographs from Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon.

Eighty percent of all stimuli we receive from our surroundings are registered by the sense of sight – through light, colors and space around us. Monumental mountains, a panorama of changing seasons, wildfires, receding glaciers, their folds and canyons. Every picture embodies a story that is now more than ever being shaped by climate change. The photographs are an immortalization of the individual stories of these divine places. Essentially, they are the expression of light that we ultimately perceive as objects and space.

What can be seen next year, how will the places change and how will the story evolve?

The “Beyond Our Horizon” series combines vision and our imagination to inspire us to discover unique moments in everyday life. Its task is to extend past the well-known environment to the endless discovery of hidden layers, details and new connections, thus creating a space for a safe exploration of a deeper meaning behind each picture.

Visual Narrative is a creative studio of Viktor and Nora Jelinek.  Viktor studied photography and Nora studied fashion design combined with entrepreneurship in Denmark, and later they gained experience in New York and elsewhere. Their work tends to reflect current and social issues.