American Jazz Stars on "Mladí ladí jazz" Festival

When: 2015-04-02 22:00 - 2015-04-27 22:00
Where: Více informací o programu i festivalu naleznete na webu
Entry fee: The tickets are available for purchase on Ticketstream portal. Discounts available to students and people younger 26 years. The Star Evening tickets start at 100 CZK.

This year’s April will become the month of Jazz again! Being already the sixth in a row, this time the festival is to bring the best of a contemporary American jazz scene.

As the top of notch shining stars will perform a legendary bass-guitarist Marcus Miller, who is going to exclusively introduce his new album called Afrodeezia. Among other stars to perform will be the current best jazz trio of these days The Bad Plus, saxophonist Oran Etkin or German singer and guitarist Monika Rosher. The integral part of the festival will also be a music competition called Jazz Fruit, which is to support young aspiring musicians.

The international jazz festival Mladi Ladi Jazz follows a tradition of jazz in the Czech environment, and it aims to attract audience of young people to this music genre. This year, already the sixth represents the best of the jazz world for a very reasonable price, including students. This year is to aim at American Jazz scene, the cradle of this music genre. The six concert evenings in hands of the world jazz stars, workshops and already a traditional music contest Jazz Fruit for young talents – that’s Mladi Ladi Jazz 2015!

3rd April 2015: Monika Roscher (DE), Palace Akropolis
Opening evening of the festival will belong to German jazz singer and guitarist Monika Roscher, who is undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians of current German jazz scene. Her debut album Failure in Wonderland has won a Talent 2015 award at Echo Jazz festival. This extraordinary musician fascinates the audience with her distinctively gentle voice, and the freshness of her approach to contemporary world music. You can easily identify her music features elements of jazz, rock, indie-pop, punk or psychedelia. Get blown away with her magical voice this Firday 3rd April in Palac Akropolis!

11th April 2015: The Kandisky Effect (USA/FR), La Fabrika Club
This American post-modern trio who will perform in the Czech Republic for the first time will introduce their original approach of jazz with elements of rock, hip-hop and electronica. It is no accident they have chosen the Russian painter Vasil Kardinsky as a patron of their music, which is makes a colourful mosaic of influences from all over the world. We will be taken on a journey with legacy of John Coltran from a hip-hop club in New York to an electronic music party on British Isles. Kardinisky Effect are influenced by lifestyle in Paris (two band members permanently live there) and by Iceland, where they have already recorded their three albums. The trio has successfully toured in Europe, Canada and USA and are notable for co-works with British electronica artist Aphex Twin.

18th April 2015: The Bad Plus (USA), Palace Akropolis
It has taken seven long years since this American band performed in Prague. The Bad Plus is famous for its innovative approach to music, jazzy covers of the well-known pop hits, and art of merging different genres like classical music, contemporary music, electronica, jazz, and rock together. They will appear on stage on the third Saturday of April in Palace Akropolis, as a part of their extraordinary tour celebrating music of Free Jazz founder, Ornett Coleman. In respect to complexity of Coleman’s music compositions The Bad Plus have invited on stage three other brilliant jazz ambassadors, saxophonist Sam Newsome, trumpeter Tim Berne and cornetist Ron Miles as guests to join this extraordinary project.

22nd April 2015: Oran Etkin (USA) and Jazz Fruit, Jazzdock
A New York born, internationally acclaimed jazz/world artist and composer Oran Etkin will show his art of improvisation on 22nd April in Jazzdock club, bringing a unique blend of rhythms and melodies from all over the world. Etkin’s inspiration roots in African and Israeli music tradition that creates a mix of distinctive saxophone sound, clarinet and bass-clarinet, resonating into vivacious energy of the contemporary New York jazz scene. In 2012 he received a Grammy award for his album All About Bullies. His newest album Gathering Light features fresh and adventurous compositions full of nice rhythms and melodies which Etkin discovered while touring through Indonesia, China, Japan, Israel and Europe. From 20th till 24th April Etkin will also organise music workshops for children, using his unique teaching method that aims to awake and excite children about music, tries to enable their creativity and help them to express themselves through music.

26th April 2015: Marcus Miller (USA), Roxy Club
The main star of Mladi Ladi Jazz 2015 festival will be an American jazzman Marcus Miller, who is considered the most creative jazzman of the last two decades. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and two Grammy Awards holder is coming to Prague after three years, where his concert has the privilege being called this spring’s musical event. On 26th April Marcus will introduce his brand new album Afrodeezia to be released on 17th March by Blue Note / Universal label.

28th April 2015: Susana Sawoff (AU), Jazzdock Club
Tuesday, 28th April, the last evening of Mladi Ladi Jazz Festival 2015 will belong to the young Austrian pianist, singer and composer Susane Sawoff. Her music represents a sophisticated blend of jazz and world music with emphasis on rhythmic and melodic approach, all warped-up in Susana’s magical voice. Sawoff and her trio have been three times nominated for Amadeus, a prestigious Austrian award. In Prague she will introduce some of her new songs from the upcoming, yet unnamed, album.

Mladi Ladi Jazz supports talented musicians
The integral part of Mladi Ladi Jazz Festival will be the contest Jazz Fruit which aims to support young aspiring musicians. The winners of this competition will be awarded with 30.000 CZK, they can spent in the music recording studio Hostivar to record their debut album. Traditionally, Jazz Fruit takes place in the evening on the final festival night, where three finalists in front of a panel will compete to win the price. This final evening will be sparked by performance of a multi-instrumentalist and composer Oran Etkin. The interested bands can sign up until the 27th March 2015.

Programme of Mladí Ladí Jazz Festival 2015:

3rd April 2015: Monika Roscher (DE), Palác Akropolis
11th April 2015: The Kandinsky Effect (USA/FR),La Fabrika
18th April 2015: The Bad Plus (USA),Palác Akropolis
22th April 2015: Oran Etkin (USA) a Jazz Fruit,Jazzdock
26th April 2015: Marcus Miller (USA), ROXY
28th April 2015: Susana Sawoff (AU), Jazzdock