Wright Brothers and Bohemia | Lecture & Discussion

American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1
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This historic moment in flight made headlines in newspapers worldwide. A prototype of this breakthrough airplane piloted by the French aviator named Jean Gaubert was also the first plane ever flown over Prague. His first test flight in this plane was completed on December 26th, 1909, beginning with his take off from a horse track in Velká Chuchle. By the year 1914, several Wright bros.-style aircraft could be seen in the Czech sky.

Our two lecturers Michal Plavec and Pavel Sviták will give a discussion in Czech on the role of Aviatic Team Bohemia from Plzen, on the history of Czech flight. One leading personality was Rudolf Polanecký, who built the first Czechoslovak airplane engine is still on display in the Nat´l. Technical Museum in Prague.

In Czech.

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