The Martha Cooper Files Exhibition in Prague

Trafačka, Kurta Konráda 1, Praha 9 – Libeň
Fee: 30 CZK,

About the Event

A unique glimpse into the work of the legendary American photographer Martha Cooper (*1943), famous for her systematic documentation of the graffiti and hip hop subculture at the time it came into being in the 70s and 80s in NYC.

Cooper’s photographs contain a timeless message regarding the beginnings of street art and several generations have grown up on them. Despite her age, Martha continues her activities enthusiastically and is at present preparing two new publications. The first is devoted to graffiti and street art in Baltimore, the second to the graffiti boom in South Africa, where she herself is these days often to be found.

The exhibition in Prague presents a selection of work that Cooper herself will give a guided tour as part of the accompanying programme and will speak about at discussions.

The exhibition has been organised with the support of the documentary film Girl Power and its director Sany (our team member and guide of the Alternative Prague Tour), a Czech writer, who took footage of Cooper for her film in 2012. The film is due to be premiered in autumn 2013.

The exhibition will take place at Trafačka alternative art space from 26 April till 17 May 2013.

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