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The Manchurian Candidate | Film Club — U.S. Elections

American Center, Tržiště 13, Praha 1
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About the Event

The Manchurian Candidate is director-producer John Frankenheimer’s prophetically tragic, chilling, brilliant, blackish Cold War thriller about brain-washing, conspiracy, the dangers of international Communism, McCarthyism, assassination, and political intrigue.

Laurence Harvey is brilliant as a brainwashed Korean War hero who has been programmed as a Soviet sleeper/mole agent to assassinate a Presidential candidate. It can be categorized within many film genres – it functions as a horror film, a war film, a science fiction film, a black comedy, a suspense-thriller, and a political melodrama (with additional segments of romance and action). The film was released in the United States on October 24, 1962, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It stars Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, and Janet Leigh, co-starring are Angela Lansbury, Henry Silva, and James Gregory.

In English, with English subtitles, 127 mins.

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