The Accidental Hero | Story of Liberation

Faculty of Electrical Engineering (room 309, building A3), Technická 2, Prague 6
Fee: Free

About the Event

Packed with jaw-dropping coincidences, a humble Czech-American Matt Konop liberates the hometown of his grandparents.

Where do heroes come from? Lightning strikes and destiny awaits. A farm boy thinks he’s “only” fighting in WW II.  Then a risky assignment miraculously brings him face-to-face with his long-lost tribe.  Improbable coincidence?  Fate?  When you run away from your identity, it often finds you anyway.

Laugh-out-loud funny and deeply moving, this unforgettable one-man show has wowed audiences across the country.  The Czechs called him “liberator,” but they liberated him.

“Remarkable!” A. James McAdams, University of Notre Dame  “Impossible to forget!” Daniel Freeman, Smithsonian Institute

In English.

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