Short Films by the American Film Institute

American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1
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Screening in English.
Short Films

Liberty Lane (2009)
director: Timo Becker
action, drama, 18:00 min.
A friendship between three adolescent boys is tested when one boy deceives his friends into vandalism and violence.

Karl Mulberry (2010)
director: Lorne Hiltser
comedy, family, 16:19 min.
Set against a world of roller blades, water balloons, and accordions, Karl Mulberry is a comedy about a conflicted sixteen year old boy who needs a father, but doesn’t want to lose his mother.

My first Claire (2010)
director: Lou Howe
comedy, drama, 18:00 min.
11-year-old Teddy is confused as his parents are getting divorced and his friends are discovering girls. But when his new babysitter arrives, the beautiful and carefree Claire, he sets out to learn a thing or two about the opposite sex.

Nani (2011)
director: Justin Tipping
drama, 20:47 min.
Oscar got caught spraying graffiti. Now doing community service at a nursing home, he meets Isabel who is suffering from dementia. At 84 years old, Isabel may be a little old school, but soon the entire block is covered with her pink tag.

Stuck (2011)
director: Martin W. Andersen
horror, thriller, 19:45 min.
Jack, disoriented, awakens in horror to find himself cemented waist deep in an abandon warehouse, accused of an unimaginable crime by an unlikely abductor.

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