reSITE Festival

Prague, Czech Republic

About the Event

reSITE is the platform to exchange ideas about making cities more livable. reSITE Festival will highlight how contemporary, collaborative design can improve life in cities.

reSITE Festival is a major international event in Prague that is committed to exploring collaborative ideas for the development of public spaces that have real economic, social and ecological value. It’s about partnerships for a better urban future. The Festival will be centered on a two-day conference and supported by dozens of independently organized public events to focus on the riverfront, urban mobility and public spaces in Prague. Interdisciplinary conferences, workshops, film screenings, urban games, public design discussions and cycling events will make reSITE a totally original urban experience in this part of the world. The Conference will have discussions and targeted lectures from international and local experts in four fields: Design, Private Development, Municipality Leadership, and Public Advocacy groups.

reSITE Festival will bridge the gap between designers, private developers, policy makers and the public.

The mission of reSITE Festival 2012 is to start talking about institutional change in urban planning to address more quality public spaces and a more open planning process in the Czech Republic. The Czech planning model has traditionally offered greater opportunities for discretionary decision and more flexibility for interpretation of the master plan than is generally true in other countries. The system has been troubled with inefficiencies and corruption, which benefited those in power and those who developed in cities. However, a great change is taking place in Prague with the public and some municipalities seeking alternatives to be more transparent and efficient relative to public-private partnerships that focus on quality of life and economic growth through sustainable development. We want to capitalize on this movement and think about the future with a smarter, more collaborative approach. With Prague starting on a new master plan now is an ideal time to review successful international precedents combined with experienced professionals and groups in the Czech Republic.

reSITE Festival is bringing international examples to Prague while highlighting visionary local ideas. For the first time, we are bringing together diverse and often separated groups at this groundbreaking event. We ask citizens and leaders of Prague: use reSITE to reTHINK your city!

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