Quantum Computing: How it Works and Why it will Change the World | STEM Month Discussion

Americké centrum, Tržiště 13, Praha 1 – Malá Strana
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About the Event

Quantum computers hold the promise to impact society as much as classical computers already have. Quantum computers in 2017 are in their infancy, with only one company in the world marketing a quantum computer for commercial use. Quantum computing expert Professor Novotny will discuss the physics and engineering underlying quantum computing, and will give an overview of quantum computer applications.

Mark A. Novotny is a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at Charles University in Prague on the Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta for the 2016-2017 academic year. Prof. Novotny was born in the U.S., earned his B.S. in Physics from North Dakota State U., and his Ph.D. in Physics in 1978 from Stanford University. He has been Professor and Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Mississippi State University since 2001, and is a Giles Distinguished Professor. Prof. Novotny is the inventor of a U.S. patent entitled ‘Fully Scalable Computer Architecture’ and is the inventor of U.S. provisional patents related to quantum dragon nanodevices and to quantum computers.

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