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New York Walker in Blizzard | Photo Exhibition

American Center Tržiště 13, Praha 1
Fee: Free

About the Event

Even New York Can Be Lonely

“An important theme in many photographs is a lone figure of a pedestrian in a snowstorm. It is and image that is truly exceptional for the metropolis and symbolizes the short moment, when almost everything becomes quiet. I tried to capture for a moment, that even New York can be lonely,” says Martin Froyda about his collection.

Antonin Kratochvil about Martin Froyda’s Photos

“Photos of Martin Froyda describe exactly those few hours, when huge snowflakes fall and stick to each other blanketing everything in sight. It is a white gift for keen cross-country skiers who are making tracks in pure snow along the wide avenues and Central Park. No doubt it is a collection of exceptional photos, always a work of chance, obsession and talent.”

Till the end of 2013.

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