Music Genius Rufus Wainwright in Prague

Divadlo Hybernia
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Prague will see the return of the amazing and extravagant composer, musician and singer Rufus Wainwright ! The Canadian-American mastermind of classical as well as modern music is coming to Prague with his tour The Best of Rufus Wainwright linked to the album Vibrate: The Best of Rufus Wainwright released in March 2014.

Wainwright (40) of the well acclaimed and artistically-gifted clan of Wainwrights is the author of countless catchy Hollywood film compositions (Shrek, Moulin Rouge, Zoolander, Brokeback Mountain,…). Wainwright is a true music genius with rich and not always an easy past: at 14 he was raped by his date, consequently nearly blinded by drug abuse, with both tragic and happy family events following. He recently had a baby-daughter with daughter of the Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, and after years-long relationship has married his partner, the art director of Toronto festival Luminato, German Jörn Weisbrodt.

Wainwright has recorded seven studio albums, two live albums, countless film tracks’ compositions, operas Hadrian and Prima Donna or Shakespearean sonnets for the theatre act of director Robert Wilson. His creation of Judy Garland’s tribute brought him a Grammy nomination. Aside from his tenor, Wainwright plays mainly piano and guitar. During his live shows you can see him switching smoothly between the two. Wainwright’s inspirations are theater, opera, literature, politics, live, his family – he weaves the topics in his music truly skillfully.

Wainwright is visiting Czech Republic for the third time already: his first time was at Colours of Ostrava festival in 2012, second time at Struny Podzimu festival in October 2013 and got nothing but excited ovations. His works are as variable as he is: it daringly, yet stylishly engulfs barriers between genres – you hear classical music, rock, pop, theather, dance, film and literature. Surely you have heard his version of Leonard’s Cohen Hallelujah, prepared for the block-buster film Shrek.

Don’t miss this singular opportunity to experience the amazing mastermind of music, Rufus Wainwright live at Theater Hybernia on March 25, 2014! Tickets available via Ticketpro network.

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