Film Festival One World 2013

Lucerna, Světozor, Atlas, Institute Francais, Municipal Library (Grand Hall), Ponrepo andEvald
Fee: tickets to the Prague screenings are sold for CZK 90

About the Event

The festival presents films featuring strong personal stories, unbiased observation of life in little-known areas or the work of engaged and controversial documentarians. The following example of three movies on the festival programme illustrates the diversity of stories shown: The South Korean dramatic documentary Across Land, Across Sea by Hark-Joon Lee portraits a courageous North Korean refugee and his endeavor to reunite his divided family by setting off on a journey on a fishing boat through the dangerous international waters of the Yellow Sea. Rent a Family Inc. by Kaspar Schröder documents a strange new business growing in Japan – renting out family members, friends or colleagues to help other people hide their secrets and make their life look better of just… perfectly normal.

Norwegian documentary Breavehearts originaly aimed to follow the preparations for the student election campaign and capture the essence of the acclaimed political culture of Norway. But the tragedy of Anders Breivik´s attack, that took place in Utøya Island throughout the filming, shifted the documentary and its topic. Unexpectedly strong portrait of a peaceful reaction of Norwegian society to the extremism and the traumatic experience in summer of 2011 is indeed inspiring. This makes the film strongly connected with this year’s festival topic, which is focused on growing intolerance and discrimination tendencies in the society. That is why the film has been selected as an opening movie of One World 2013.

“It is as if intolerance and the drawing of lines have become a norm, spread with confidence by the political elite, as we witnessed recently in the fiery presidential campaigns of some candidates. Equally dangerous are sentences of the type “I’m not a racist, but … ,” which we frequently hear expressed on the street, by our friends and sometimes, to our surprise, by ourselves. If we at least become aware of our attitudes, then this year’s One World will have fulfilled its purpose.Our motto this year is Don’t be afraid of EGGality. I’m sure you’ll agree that respect and openness towards others offers the best starting point to a more egalitarian and positive future”, says the festival director Hana Kulhánková.

Among outstanding films of this year’s annual can be mentioned: Radioman – a documentary with extremely high appearance of Hollywood stars portraying the life of a former homeless who enjoys a personal relationship with George Clooney, Meryl Streep or Johnny Depp; Saving Face – an Oscar winning documentary of 2012 portraying victims of acid attacks in Pakistan; We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists – a documentary mapping the little-known background of internet activist group known as Anonymous; and Off Label on human drug testing by famous filmmakers Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher, known as well for their work in advertising and music videos.

In addition, the festival offers debates and meetings with over one hundred guests – filmmakers and protagonists. The audience can look forward to Q&A’s following most of the screenings and a dozen of panel debates held at the Institute Francais.

The festival Info Point is located at Lucerna cinema. Other festival cinemas and venues include Světozor, Atlas, Institute Francais, Municipal Library (Grand Hall), Ponrepo and Evald. The festival Press Centre and Guest Service are located at the Centre of People in Need at Langhans, Vodičkova 37.

The comprehensive festival programme is available at Photos, festival key visual and press releases can be downloaded from the Press section.
Available at the festival venues box offices from 26 February 2012, tickets to the Prague screenings are sold for CZK 90; the festival pass (2 films a day; 3 films at the weekend) costs CZK 440.

Festival Highlights

This year’s opening film is Bravehearts by Kari Anne Moe. The director’s original aim was to capture the essence of the political scene in Norway against the background of student elections. However, in midsummer 2011, the stories of four active students are impacted by the self-styled “defender of European traditions” Anders Breivik, who murders dozens of young members of the Norwegian Labour Party on the island of Utøya. One of those who narrowly escaped the rampaging murderer was Johanne. Like the rest of Norway, she finds coming to terms with the shocking experience immensely difficult.

One World 2013 will host the world premieres of three Czech documentaries: Vojta Lavička: Ups and Downs by Helena Třeštíková – a portrait of the life of a Romany musician and journalist Vojta Lavička screened in the Main Competition and introduced by the director herself on 11 March 2013; Phenomenon /The Soul Solace of Yuri Petrovich/ by Zdeňek N. Bričkovský – a portrait of the seventy-year-old recluse Yuri Petrovich of Siberia screened in the world premiere on 8 March 2013; and Crooks by Sylvie Dymáková – a documentary about shocking practices at product demonstration excursions for seniors will be screened on 5 March 2013, one month prior to its official distribution premiere.

The festival is also hosting the world premiere of Glacial Balance by Ethan Steinman – a documentary pointing out the fact that due to climate change the ice mass in South America has shrunk by about a third in the last 40 years and it is disappearing ever more quickly. The film was co-funded by the crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter.

Programme Tips

Panel Debates
The festival audience can discuss the controversial and up-to-date topics with the festival guests in panel debates that are held every day after the film screening of 7:30 PM at the Institut Francais. In the first panel debate, a famous Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez (see below) will discuss the impact of new media on democratisation of the society; the second panel debate will host this year’s laureate of the Homo Homini award Intigam Aliyev showing the dark side of Azerbaijan; among other debates there is one bringing People in Need representatives who have witnessed the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria where the organization currently works as the only large humanitarian agency.

East Doc Platform
During One World, the Institute of Documentary Film organizes East Doc Platform, a second edition of international film industry meeting. The events share some of their guests: Russian director Marina Razbezhkina, Danish producer Helle Faber and Austrian director Arash T. Riahi have their films screened at the festival and give public lectures for the East Doc Platform. The sessions are held at Archa Theatre and Archa Palace.

Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez at One World Festival
Touring the world, Yoani Sánchez stops by in Prague during the festival. Listed by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2008, the activist is also one of three protagonists of the Forbidden Voices documentary screened at One World. Yoani fights the Cuban totalitarian regime by publishing her Generation Y blog and Twitter posts. Her Twitter account @yoanisanchez is followed by 400 thousand people.

One World in Schools
One World approaches thousands of school pupils and students through its One World in Schools programme. This year, the festival expects 14 thousand pupils, students and teachers registered for the Prague screenings. For more information, please visit

One World 2013 in Numbers
The festival presents 102 documentary films and two special screenings from 30 national productions. In ten festival days, the Prague audience can visit 60 different countries from around the world. One World’s audience reaches over 100 thousand every year. In 2013, the One World films will be screened in Prague, another 40 Czech towns, Brussels and at over a dozen of countries where the Echoes of One World will be presented in cooperation with the Czech Centres.

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