Beijing Massacre at Tiananmen Square – 30 Years After | Discussion

Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 1
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Since April 1989, Tiananmen square witnessed peaceful protests against human rights violations, lack of political rights, high levels of corruption, inflation, old-fashioned approach to education as well as against the increasing gap between the rich and poor. Until today, it is not precisely clear how many people were killed during the crackdown. If you are in China, you will not be able to search information about the Tiananmen massacre online.

What preceded the deployment of military forces? Why did the Chinese leadership decide to crack down on the protesters? What is the legacy of the protests and the crackdown in contemporary China? Are such mass protests possible in today’s China? And is there even a chance for a democratization movement in China?

  1. Join our discussion with:
  2. Martin Hala, sinologist, Sinopsis
  3. Olga Lomova, sinologist, Faculty of Arts of the Charles University
  4. Tomas Etzler, journalist with long experience working in China

The discussion will be moderated by Katerina Prochazkova of Sinopsis. Erik Black, cultural attache of the U.S. Embassy Prague will provide opening remarks. Erik Black spent six years in Beijing.

In cooperation with Sinopsis and Vaclav Havel Library.



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