DVD kolekce

DVD kolekce Amerického centra zahrnuje okolo 200 titulů dokumentárních i hraných filmů, které si lze zapůjčit (a sledovat pouze ve studovně Amerického centra během otevíracích hodin (po-čt 13—16 hodin, v úterý do 19 hodin).

Školní skupiny mají možnost zhlédnout dokumentární filmy i mimo otevírací dobu studovny (více informací v sekci Speakers Bureau).

Dokumentární filmy 

Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns;
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns;
Moravska zemska knihovna  – Podpis smlouvy s velvyslanectvim USA
FDR (2 discs)
If You Can’t Beat ‚Em, Blog ‚Em
Stonewall Uprising
American Photography (A Century of Images)
The Cult of the Suicide Bomber
60 Minutes
Golden Gate Bridge
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E3 Our Language
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E4 The True Welcome
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E5 Swing: Pure Pleasure
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E6 Swing: The Velocity of Celebration
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E7 Dedicated to Chaos
Walt Disney World (The History Channel)
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E8 Risk
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E9 The Adventure
Jazz, a Film by Ken Burns; E10 A Master-piece by Midnight
The Civil War (3 discs)
Families of USA
The Big Energy Gamble
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Histrorical Perspective
Andy Warhol
America at a Crossroads; Jihad: The Men and Ideas Behind Al Qaeda
For Love of Liberty
The United States from the Sky – West Coast
Working Title
The Sixties
102 Minutes That Changed America
Women Combat Pilots
Freedom Riders
History of World War II
Democracy in America 1- 8
Democracy in America 9-15
The United States from the Sky – Northwest Coast
Framework for Democracy (4 discs)
Great Hearts of Courage – M. L. King Jr.
Witness: Islam in America
Yosemite, Inspiration for Conservation
Women, War and Peace (2 discs)
This is What Democracy Looks Like
How The States Got Their Shapes
Summer of Love
Flashing on the Sixties – A Tribal Document
America Beyond the Color Line
The United States from the Sky – South Coast
One Woman, One Vote
Inside the U.S. Secret Service
Biography – Susan B. Anthony
The Presidents (4 discs)
The Presidents (3 discs)
The Roosevelts (6 discs)
The United States from the Sky – East Coast
Genius: A Night for Ray Charles
Ray, the Inspiring and Extraordinary Life story of Ray Charles
The Principal Story
Edens Lost and Found: Chicago
Edens Lost and Found: Philadelphia
Big Easy Express (Blue-Ray), (2 discs)
Let Freedom Sing
Black History, a retrospective (3discs)
Think b4 u Post
Our Common Purpose: Addressing Climate Change (Renewable Energy and America’s Future)
Gettysburg 1863
Naturally Obsessed
Inside Job
Green Revolution
Ultimate Mars Challenge
Lewis and Clark – The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (2 discs)
The Real National Treasure
Roving Mars
Christopher Columbus
The Founding of a Nation – Benjamin Franklin
Roads to Memphis
The Universe – our Solar System (2 discs)
In the Shadow of the Moon
Liberty, the American Revolution (3 discs)
How the Universe Works (2 discs)
When we Left Earth, the Nasa Mission (4 discs)
Street Fight
American Blackout
The Big Energy Gamble
Essential Space Collection
National Parks Collection (7 discs)
National Parks – The Everglades, Great Smoky Mountains, The Black Hills and the Badlands (2 discs)
National Parks – Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite (2 discs)
Five Years on Mars
Walt Whitman
Life After Oil
Accidental Army
Power Surge
The Revolution (4 disc)
The Complete Civil War (2 discs)
Founding Brothers (2 discs)
Mars, the Red Planet (4 disc)
E2 energy
The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth
Survivor’s Guide: Killer on the Doorstep
Visual Voices: A Festival Of CanadianAboriginal Film and Video (6 discs)
Shark Reef and the Sacred Island
Chaos and Order: Making American Theaters
Biography: General George C. Marshall
Building on Ground Zero
U.S. Army in West Bohemia 1945
Roberto Clemente
Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Grand Canyon
Lincoln and the Civil War (4 discs)
By the People – the Election of Barack Obama
Conquest of America (4 discs)
One on One with Hillary Clinton
The New Heroes (Their Bottom Line is Lives)
Great Monuments of America (4 discs)
New York Underground
Semper Fidelis (3 discs)
The Entrepreneurs Part 1
The Entrepreneurs Part 2
1968 with Tom Brokaw
The Trail of Tears
The Great Indian Wars 1540-1890
Inside the White House
American Cinema: The Hollywood Style, The Studio System
American Cinema: The Star, The Western
American Cinema: Romantic Comedy, The Combat Film
American Cinema: Film Noir, Film in the Television Age
American Cinema: The Film School Generation, The Edge of Hollywood
American Cinema: Film language, Writing and Thinking About Film, Classical Hollywood Style Today
Saturn’s Titan (Voyage to the Mystery Moon)
Welcome, Portraits of America
Design e2
759: Boy Scouts of Harlem
Pray the Devil Back to Hell
March On!
America Revealed (2 discs)
Thomas Edison (Biography Channel)
Considering Democracy
China: A Century of Revolution
The Great Robot Race
50 Years (A Celebration of 50 Years of Inspiration, Innovation and Discovery), (3 discs)
Young Mr. Lincoln (2 discs)
Illicit: The Dark Trading
Barack Obama (Biography Channel)
John McCain (Biography Channel)
Inside the Meltdown
Great Decisions (2 discs)
Voices of Iraq
The Kennedys
Ansel Adams
Show me Science, Fuel Technology – Transportation Innovations
Inventions That Changed our Lives, Inventiuons and Innovations
In Search of the Second Amendment
Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama
The Fourth World War
The Great San Fransisco Earthquake
Pandemic: Facing Aids
Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union
Man Made: Ultimate Skyscraper
20th Century with Mike Wallace – Hispanics in America